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Analysis of an ESP book (ESP for students of accounting written)


Received: 20 October 2021
Revised: 21 November 2021
Accepted: 19 December 2021

Hakimeh Khoubkhahi

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Field of ELT is growing nowadays and within this broad field ESP has been given increasing importance and new suggestions insist on the learning-centered approach toward ESP which is in contrast to traditional language-centered approach. This paper has analyzed the view point of some of the students of accounting field in one of the universities in southeastern part of Iran based on the questionnaire which has been carefully prepared and distributed among these students. This questionnaire inquired their opinion toward different aspect of the ESP book that they have passed during second and third semester, that is, English for the students of accounting including translation techniques, dictionary and test exam, volume1 which has been written by Mr. Abdolreza Talaneh . The results of the analysis showed that fundamental changes needed to occur regarding content of the book, exercises, additional learning facilities, order to improve the efficacy of the book and instruction and also make students more motivated in studying English to fulfill their educational and real life needs. Of course all the weakness does not fall on the part of the author and wide ranging decision should be made from the side of other parties that are engaged in the matter of English education in Iran such as syllabus designers, materials developers, and top of all Ministry of Science, Research, and Technology. It is recommended to all of them to take need analysis more fully into account and in all stage of the preparation of the ESP books have both target needs and learning needs of the target students in their mind so that the final outcome be desirable and worth mentioning in the literature of ESP.

Keywords: ESP, students, author, view point, educational issues, experience.

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