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Investigation the position of gardens as one of the dimensions of urban vegetation in the management of large cities located in the plains and its maintenance strategies

Received: 20 Apr 2022
Revised: 21 May 2022
Accepted: 19 Jun 2022


Mohammad Hosein HoushmandRad *,Mahsa Mokhtari, Hourvash Khodahemmati, Shayan Alipour

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Population growth and turning to machine life caused the development and expansion of urbanization and this expansion had many destructive effects on the environment. Urban greenery has become an important concern for city management and citizens. According to the mentioned proposition, by examining the location and importance of gardens in big cities located in the plains, we investigated the effects of gardens on the city and explained each of these effects and urban ecology, and while examining some of the reasons for the destruction of gardens, we sought to present There are solutions to prevent the destruction and preservation of gardens located in the path of urban development. The importance of gardens as one of the forms of urban vegetation and the most important of them is that it is considered as one of the indicators of sustainable development in the path of countries to achieve development. It can be the research method carried out in this article is of an applied type and it is a theoretical research method based on analogical reasoning methods based on library studies and the review of available documents in relevant organizations and institutions as well as field studies that led to the compilation of this article. And the final achievements of the article will be presented in the conclusion section.


Keywords: Garden, Plain, Ecology, Metropolis, Urban Management.


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